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Pathway Wellness Chiropractic Clinic

uses the latest evidence based, conservative care, manual treatments available to rid you of pain and return you to all of the life activities you enjoy. Pathway Wellness believes you need to treat the joints and the muscles to truly eliminate sources of pain and discomfort. Some of the services provided at Pathway Wellness include:

Chiropractic Manipulation
At Pathway Wellness, our chiropractors perform the Diversified Technique-- the most researched and scientifically backed hands-on chiropractic adjustment technique available. 

Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT)/McKenzie Technique
Both Dr. Farrah and Dr. Bledsoe have been certified and trained in the McKenzie Treatment Protocols, a very successful Physical Therapist technique to treat herniated, bulding, and torn discs in the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine. 

Graston Technique
Both Dr. Farrah and Dr. Bledsoe have been certified in Graston Technique, the most popular instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization in the United States. 

Manual Muscle Release Techniques
Dr. Bledsoe has been certified in Active Release Technique (ART). Dr. Farrah is a licensed massage therapist and Pathway Wellness has many LMT’s on staff to provide massage and manual therapy. 

Corrective Exercise
Pathway Wellness strongly believes in corrective and rehabilitation exercises, so that our patient’s do not become “Doctor Dependent” and are able to treat themselves at home. Every patient at Pathway walks away with at least one home exercise to perform.

Dry Needling

Dry Needling: What You Should Know

Dry needling is a musculoskeletal treatment technique we use to treat myofascial pain. The technique uses a “dry” needle, one without medication or injection, inserted through the skin into areas of the muscle, known as trigger points. Another term commonly used to describe dry needling is intramuscular manual therapy. Dry needling is not acupuncture although it can use the same needles the diagnostic criteria is completely different.

What Kind of Needles Are Used?

Dry needling involves a thin filiform needle that penetrates the skin and stimulates underlying myofascial trigger points and muscular and connective tissues. The sterile needles are one time use needles and are disposed of in a medical sharps collector after use.

Why Dry Needling?

In cases when dry needling is used, it is typically a technique that’s part of a larger treatment plan. Dr. Farrah uses dry needling with the goal of releasing or inactivating trigger points to relieve pain or improve range of motion. Preliminary research supports that dry needling improves pain control, reduces muscle tension, and normalizes dysfunctions of the motor end plates, the sites at which nerve impulses are transmitted to muscles. This can help speed up the patient’s return to active rehabilitation.

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