Meditation Classes At Pathway Wellness

Meditation is a practice where an individual can train the mind. This can be done to guide the mind into a separate mode of consciousness, or to help it focus on the present and not worry about the future or past. Some meditation techniques are simply powerful tools to rid the body of past traumas that are still affecting us today, thus helping to achieve a state of relaxation.

When practiced regularly meditation can be one of the most effective stress reduction techniques available. In fact, throughout all of Dr. Farrah’s medical training, it has become evident that training the mind and psyche, and learning to distress is a tool everyone should have. Though we often feel that we don’t have time for meditation, we actually increase our productiveness by making our minds calmer and more focused. At Pathway Wellness, we teach two kinds of meditation: Mindfulness Meditation and guided meditation called Yoga Nidras, as well as TRE for stress reduction and trauma release.

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