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is a practice where an individual can train the mind. This can be done to guide the mind into a separate mode of consciousness, or to help it focus on the present and not worry about the future or past. Some meditation techniques are simply powerful tools to rid the body of past traumas that are still affecting us today, thus helping to achieve a state of relaxation.

When practiced regularly meditation can be one of the most effective stress reduction techniques available. In fact, throughout all of Dr. Farrah’s medical training, it has become evident that training the mind and psyche, and learning to distress is a tool everyone should have. Though we often feel that we don’t have time for meditation, we actually increase our productiveness by making our minds calmer and more focused. At Pathway Wellness, we teach two kinds of meditation: Mindfulness Meditation and guided meditation called Yoga Nidras, as well as TRE for stress reduction and trauma release.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Mindfullness Meditation?

Perhaps the most immediate reason to mediate is for stress control and relief. There are however medical benefits, beyond stress relief, tied to mediation. For instance, studies have found that even just six-weeks of practicing meditation can improve sleep quality and lessen symptoms of insomnia.


Studies have also found that learning and practicing mindfulness meditation improves memory and focus. Since the key goal of a mindfulness-based meditation practice is presence of mind, and relaxation this also leads to a better working immune system and less anxiety. In fact, some people suffering from mild depression found mindfulness meditation aided in controlling and alleviating their symptoms.


Because a key of mindfulness meditation is being fully aware of our presence without extreme reaction to it, it has been found to aid in pain management, especially for chronic illnesses, by helping to control how the brain perceives pain. This has also been shown to help people fight addiction because of increased strength of mind.


Mindfullness For Kids

One of our focuses here at Pathway is teaching kids to meditate. We believe learning tools for stress reduction will have lifelong benefits & reduce the need for anxiety and depression treatment in adult life. Come by for a free class and see how your child can benefit.

Why Yoga Nidras?

Yoga Nidras are guided meditations for improved sleep, relaxation & reduction in anxiety. These classes are led by an instructor. No prior experience or dress is required.

Why TRE®?

Tension and Trauma Release Exercises (TRE®) are simple exercises with huge results in assisting the body to release stress, tension, and trauma held in deep muscles. TRE® is designed to safely activate the body’s mechanism of vibrating (or shaking) in order to release muscle tension, calming the nervous system. Under the guidance of Dr. Farrah and our certified TRE® trainer, you can learn TRE® for self-help or as an addition to treatments for anxiety, PTSD, and other illness.

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